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Restarting lessons after Covid-19 lockdown

The UK government has now indicated that driving lessons can resume on or after 4th July 2020. I will contact all my pupils individually to advise when I will resume lessons which may not be immediately after 4th July.

This next step to resuming lessons MUST be a cautious one and every person must play their part in preventing the resurgence of the pandemic. As a result I hope you will abide by the Covid-safety protocol listed below.

  • Cancel your booking if you or anyone in your household or workplace is suffering from or suspected as suffering from COVID 19. There will be NO CHARGES for late cancellations under these circumstances.

  • Please ensure your nose and mouth are covered for the duration of the appointment. You must bring your own face covering for this. If you cannot wear a covering over your mouth and nose, I cannot take you for a lesson.

  • Wash your hands before joining me at the car. This is probably the biggest, most important element of the Covid safety protocol. I will remind you to do this when I arrive at your house – please don’t be irritated if I keep reminding you! I will also offer you a shot of hand sanitiser before you touch the car.

  • Gloves are optional, but if you do wear them they must be clean and must not slip or slide on the steering wheel. I don’t intend to wear gloves.

  • I will be cleaning all of the contact points in the car between lessons and the time to do this may mean that your lesson might not last for the full 90 minutes. I would prefer to do this rather than increase lesson prices.

I will relax all of the above in a gradual way, providing the pandemic is equally relaxed and the threat is reduced. I will also cancel immediately if I feel the situation requires it. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Will Blomfield, Will-2-Pass Driving School

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