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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you offering lessons at present?

Yes, since lockdown has eased lessons have now resumed although this may change in line with any further changes to government or local policy.

What precautions do you use to minimise the risk of Covid transmission?

The safety of my pupils is always my top priority (with or without Covid!). As present Government guidelines do not require any specific additional precautions but if you are feeling unwell, and/or suspect you have Covid you should not have lessons.

Do I have to wear a face-covering?

No, unless you want to and/or Government advice changes.

My Car

What car do you teach in?

My car is a Toyota Yaris, 1.4 Diesel, with a manual gearbox. It’s very comfortable and more importantly, very easy to drive! Most pupils find a diesel car more forgiving than a petrol car i.e. less prone to stalling, especially during those tricky manoeuvres.

It has good all round visibility and is well equipped with electrically operated windows and door mirrors, and air conditioning.

Do you offer automatic lessons?

No, I’m afraid I only offer manual gearbox lessons.

What car will I take my test in?

Normally you would take your test in my car – the same one you learnt in so everything will be familiar!

My Lessons

How long do lessons last?

My driving lessons are normally 1.5 hours long. Over the years I have settled on this duration as the most effective for learning. 1 hour lessons tend to be over before you know it and restrict the range we can explore in the lesson. 2 hour lessons tend to be quite tiring for the pupil so become less productive towards the end of the lesson. 1.5 hour lessons are a great compromise.

How many lessons will I need?

That depends on you! 

This is probably the most common question on the mind of anyone starting out learning to drive.  The truth is it is impossible to say with any accuracy how long it will take but there are factors which will give some clues before you start. 

First of all – how physically coordinated a person are you? Consider this: “How long did it take you to learn to walk” – the chances are if you were walking at 9 months old you are pretty coordinated, but if you were still crawling at 2 years then maybe not so much! Everyone gets there eventually though, and the same is true with driving, it’s just some have to work a little harder to achieve it. 

The second factor is lesson frequency – it almost goes without saying the more frequent your lessons the faster you’ll learn. However, too many lessons in a week and you don’t have time to reflect and absorb your learning. Usually a couple of 1.5 hour lessons will be plenty. 

The final factor is private practise – if you have access to a car to practise in then this will be an enormous boost to your learning. For the first few weeks you are probably better off sticking to driving just in your lessons but once you can control the car reasonably well i.e. safely, the more time behind the wheel the better!

How much are lessons?

Many driving schools offer “Special Introductory Rates” when you start but prices soon shoot up after a few lessons. My prices are competitive but avoid gimmicks. My great Reviews show I’m as keen to get you ready for your test as you are! Click here for my latest rates.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, I offer a discounted hourly rate for block bookings of 10 hours. For more details see my Prices page.

Do you offer intensive courses?

I’m not a fan of so-called “Crash Courses” of really intensive driving. You need time to absorb the information and the techniques you are learning and to reflect on them. It takes time to “mature” into a better driver and since I aim to teach “safe driving for life” rather than just getting you through your test, it is worth taking the right amount of time for you.

Do you cover my area?

I’m based in Sheffield S10 and due to the extremely high demand for lessons I'm currently only able to teach pupils in the following areas: Fulwood, Ranmoor, Crosspool, Lodge Moor.

Can you pick me up from work / school?

Yes of course, providing your school or place of work is within my normal catchment area (see above). If in doubt – just get in touch

When do you offer lessons?

I normally offer lessons Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (note: not Wednesday) between the hours of 9am and 5pm. I will sometimes provide evening lessons when a pupil is approaching test and requires extra tuition that cannot otherwise be accommodated.

The Theory Test

Can you help me with my Theory Test?

YES! I can provide you with access to Theory Test Pro – a fantastic online training resource to prepare you for taking the Theory Test confident that you should pass First Time! See the link below for more information and to take a Free mock test.

Screenshot 2020-07-21 20.15.47.png

The Practical Test

How will I know when I'm ready to take my practical test?

Throughout your lessons we’ll be monitoring and recording your progress towards the necessary standard to pass your driving practical test. When you're close to this standard we'll begin mock tests which is a great way to assess your readiness and prepare for the real test.

When we both agree that you're ready, we’ll put you in for your practical test.

Where will I take my practical test?

There are 2 driving test centres in Sheffield but I normally use the one in Hillsborough called Middlewood Road Driving Test Centre.

What car will I use for the test?

You would normally use my tuition car which is the one you'll;ll be most used to by then.

What does the practical test consist of?

The practical test comprises the following:

  1. An eye-sight test

  2. Two Basic car safety/maintenance questions (the “Show Me/Tell Me” questions) - one is asked at the start of the test and one is asked during the drive.

  3. A 35-40min drive taking in a variety of road and traffic conditions to include 1 reversing manoeuvre and possibly also a Controlled (or Emergency) Stop (about 1 in 3 candidates are asked to perform this exercise)

  4. Approximately 20mins of this time will be “independent driving” (see below)

Here’s a useful video on the Driving Practical Test from the Driving Standards Agency:

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