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Blast from the past :)

Just received a great email from a pupil (Maisie) who I taught several years ago and she's kindly agreed to let me re-post it here. Getting a message like this always reminds me what a great job this is :)

"Hi Will. Not sure if you remember me, but I recently moved back to Sheffield and today you drove past me with a student on Crookesmoor Road. It brought back so many good memories, I loved my driving lessons with you! I am working in Scunthorpe and obviously have to drive there and back every day, about 100 miles round trip. At one time, that was unthinkable, considering I had given up on learning to drive before you were recommended to me. The girl who failed her driving test on parallel parking FIVE TIMES is now a distant memory. Even after all this time I am still so thankful for your help - without the licence, I could have never even accepted this job, or in fact, many other jobs I have done in the time since we worked together. Passing my driving test really changed the entire course of my career, in the best way possible. Thank you! Hope you're well! Best wishes, Maisie x"

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