Lesson Prices

sterling_pound_currency_signLesson prices are always top of any new pupil’s list of questions for a Driving Instructor. Many driving schools offer “Special Introductory Rates” when you start but prices soon shoot up after a few lessons.

Consider this: it is worth saving a few quid up front when lessons then end up costing more and you may end up taking twice as long to pass your test anyway?

My rates below offer great value but avoid gimmicky prices. My Happy Pupils prove I’m as keen to get you ready for your test as you are!

PLEASE NOTE: All my lessons are normally 1.5hr long (except Pass Plus and bespoke refresher / motorway lessons)

Waged Hourly Rate
£30 / hour
(1.5hr lesson = £45)
Student/Unwaged Hourly Rate
£28.50 / hour
(1.5hr lesson = £42.75)
Block Bookings
Waged £290 for 10 Hours
(£29/hr; 1.5hr lesson = £43.50)
Student £275 for 10 Hours
(£27.50/hr; 1.5hr lesson = £41.25)
Pass Plus
£200 / course
(3 x 2 hour lessons)
Motorway & Refresher Lessons
£ Hourly Rate as above

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